Braque du Bourbonnais

Using outcross

Version Française

First you must know that the most inbreeded subject married to a non related subject will give absolutely non inbreeded puppies. To be able to bring back our F coefficient to zero with one marriage, this is good news. And if the 2 subjects are very inbreeded but not related, their puppies will also have an F coefficient equal to 0.

The bad news is that in the Bourbonnais, this subject doesn't exist. As I told you, dogs in a breed are all more or less related. But in small breed like ours, this relationship is not very far. At best, it goes back to the 70s, when Michel Comte was trying to extract Bourbonnais blood doing high inbreeding. If you want to be convinced about that, send me your dog's pedigrees, I will trace their genealogy until Rasteau/Pyrrhus.

If you are foreseeing, you will have spotted a friend breeder who produces nice dogs not too related to yours.

And if you realize that all the kennels, having breed with the same sire, are closely related? Where are you going to look for this outcross? We have seen this situation in the beginning of the 90s, when "Uno du Rocher des Jastres" and "Extra du Pontelle de Maicou" could be found in every pedigree.

We are going to see by which ways one tried to solve the problem: