Braque du Bourbonnais

Inbreeding in another breed: the Korthals griffon

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After having computed mumerous inbreeding coefficients for Bourbonnais breeders, I realized that one question was always asked: what is the ideal inbreeding coefficient?

Of course, there is no ideal figure, it would be much too simple. But I found it interresting to compare the Bourbonnais to other breeds.

The Korthals Griffon seemed to me a good example because its creation is in fact quite similar to the Bourbonnais one: a breed existing in the form of half blood subjects, reunited to be bred with a lot of inbreeding and establish the type.

My source of information about the first Korthals Griffons was Jean Castaing book, reedited many times: "Le Griffon d'arrêt à poils durs Korthals". The pedigrees of 3 dogs are given in this book, here they are: Partout, Kenau, andPassepartout.

From those information, one can compute all the inbreeding coefficients that I give in the table above. I have computed the average inbreeding of all the dogs in the penultimate line, and in the last line, I ommited the founding dogs, whose inbreeding is in my opinion not significant.

I hope those numbers will help you to have an idea of what is acceptable in term of inbreeding:

Names of the dogs Inbreedoing
Angot 0.00%
Banco (TI) 0.00%
Cavour 22.36%
Chasseur Moustache 12.89%
Clairette 0.00%
Diane 12.89%
Donna (TI) 0.00%
Hector (TI) 0.00%
Huzaar 0.00%
Janus (TI) 0.00%
Jessy 19.14%
Junon (TI) 0.00%
Kenau 22.31%
Lina 0.00%
Madame I 1.56%
Madame II 25.78%
Marquis 13.28%
Mascotte 12.89%
Mme Angeot 0.00%
Mouche (TI) 0.00%
Moustache I 0.00%
Moustache II 1.56%
Murzuk 12.89%
Nitouche 22.27%
Partout 23.86%
Passepartout 23.60%
Querida 0.00%
Rita 15.92%
Satan (TI) 0.00%
Tambour 19.14%
Tammo 25.59%
Trouvee 0.00%
Yanka 25.00%
Zampa 0.00%
Average inbreeding with the founding dogs

Average inbreeding without the founding dogs 11.59%