Braque du Bourbonnais

Quail Unlimited, Chino, 22nd of April 2012

Version Française

The Quail Unlimited club organised its spring Field Trial last Saturday. Location: Prado Dog training facility, Chino Hills California.
There was 24 pointing dogs of all breeds, English Pointers, German pointers, English Setters, etc… and about the same amount of flushing dogs.
The format for pointing dogs is as usual 10 minutes to find 3 partridges, shoot them and retrieve them. The field is quite small, 2,5 acres.
There was also another contest, water retrieval. In this contest the pointers and flushers are together (so a Labrador against a Bourbonnais, etc…). All breeds are together to get the best retriever. The small lake is 20 meters long, the bird is thrown in the air, the master must shot it, the dog must retrieve it (several masters missed). br> Three bourbonnais joined the pointing dog Field trial (Cody du Pech de Cayrol pedigree, Cactus Country Hailey alias Samantha pedigree and Cactus Country Maximus alias Duke pedigree). Only one Bourbonnais joined the water retrieval trial (Rufnit Fletcher pedigree).
Pointing dog Field trial: 1st Cody du Pech du Cayrol, 3 partridges in 3 minutes 34 seconds.
Water retrieval Field trial: 2nd place Rufnit Fletcher (22 seconds).