Braque du Bourbonnais

NBDCA, Tehachapi, 18th and 19th of July 2009

Version française

We had 6 Bourbonnais compete this last weekend against a tough group of competitors and we all did great, some better than others but in the end the BBs took home their fair share of Prizes.

As you recall this was a Bird Dog Challenge sanctioned event and we were sponsored by Black Gold Dog food, Tri-tronics, Hi-Viz and Cuiti International. The events took place in Tehachapi CA on July 18th and 19th in the hot summer of Golden California. Temperatures during the day reached well above 90 degrees.

We were prepared for this with slightly shorter runs (15mns) in 10 Acres fields and had strategically placed water tubs for the dogs to cool off. In total there were 28 run split across 4 events so this will be a Qualifier event.

On Saturday Demipedigree took 2nd place in the Top Gun (Pros) Division and Willie took home some cash. Fletcherpedigree took 1st place in the Amateur Division aginst 10 dogs taking home a huge bag of Black Gold dog food.

Sunday was even better with Cactus Kennel Jessepedigree taking 3rd in Amateur against 7 dogs, Maya (AKA Hondo Bella)pedigree taking 3rd in Top Gun against 7 dogs and Maya also taking 1st in the Amateur division against 7 dogs.

In attendance were dogs from Arizona (Jesse and Brock), Nevada (very competitive German Shorthairs), Central California (English Pointers, German Shorthairs) and Southern California (BBs - Brock Jr, Demi, Samantha, Maya, Fletcher, Cody). Cody was unable to compete due to an injury that she sustained on Friday before the events started. She got her hind paw nails (3) caught in holes on the steps of my camping trailer and damaged them enough that I did not feel that I could run her. It's too bad, she is doing so well. I taped the steps so this will not happen again.

Suffices to say we all learned a lot and had a great time while proving that the BBs can compete and do very well. Unfortunately the official photographer was a no-show so we have few pictures which I'll share as soon as I get them.

Claude Trincale