Braque du Bourbonnais

NBDCA, Tehachapi, 15th of August 2009

Version française

Two more small tournaments the 15th of August in Tehachapi, California on the fields of the 4Seasons Hunt club. There were two English Pointers, two German Pointers and five braques du Bourbonnais, two among them being 7 month old puppies. There were two contests, Top Gun and Amateur. Each of them lasted 15 minutes, 3 birds (patridges).
Most of the dogs ran the 2 Field trials so we had 6 dogs in each.

In the Top Gun the German Pointer Jesse (the owner is 4Season General Manager) took the first place with Samantha AKA Cactus Country Haileypedigree (second run in a Field trial) taking the second place and the English Pointer Crow (one of the best dogs in California and Colorado) taking the 3rd place.

In the amateur contest the german pointer Jesse took the 1st place again (the puppy who were just before her had never seen a patridge and didn't find any, so she had twice the number of birds) finding 3 birds in less than 6 minutes. Rufnit Fletcherpedigree took the second place by finishing his run in 7.5 minutes and the german pointer Sadie (the owner is the 4Seasons owner) took the 3rd place in front of the Bourbonnais Cody du Pech du Cayrolpedigree (first run in a Field trial) 4th.

The weather was nice (it is California) with 80 degree Fareinheit, so warm but not too much, altitude 4,000 feets.
As usual the Bourbonnais made themslef noticed.

The next Field trial will be in Nevada, near Carson City, for the . Marcel with of Mayapedigree and me with Fletcherpedigree will be the two BB in this four days Field trial among at least 50 dogs.

On the picture, from left to right: Crow , Hooker, Duke (7 month), Samantha, Cody, Fletcher, Jesee (the German pointer), Sadie, and Remington.