Braque du Bourbonnais

NBDCA, Helm, 13th and 14th of March 2010

Version française

Well we had a great time and some of the BBs came up with some excellent upsets in the Puppy Division.

The Puppy Division had the top 4 BDC Handlers and Puppy in the West and a few more well qualified teams. This included the Number 1 and 2 BDC rated Puppies (Jill and Red)in the US.
However, our own Dukepedigree handled by Shane and Remipedigree handled by Joe, took second and third place just behind the No. 2 team in the US. Now if you are not impressed I don’t know what will... remember that this is only Duke's and Remi 2nd tournament.

In the hotly contested Top Gun Division, Fletcherpedigree did great but his handler (me) missed a bird on both runs and you can't make those type of mistakes with these guys.
So we ended up tied for 5th place but after the ties were broken by quickest to the 1st bird, we were 8th out of 24. Still respectable, I am going out to practice my shooting to get ready for the NAGDA Nationals in Colorado in April.

Claude Trincale