Braque du Bourbonnais

NBDCA, Four Winds Pheasant Club, 19th of April 2008

Version Française

Rufnit Fletcherpedigree and his master Claude Trincale took 1st place in the Open Singles division at the National Bird Dog Challence Association tournament held at the Four Winds club near Riverside CA. Fletcher has received points towards the Western regional tournament (to be held in Lovelock, NV). While the NBDC has a show on the Outdoor’s Channel (Tournament hunter) this was a local tournament and I don’t think it will be televised. Although, the Flusher division had someone doing a video.

Rules for the Open Singles division:
- One dog, one hunter
- Two, 20 minutes runs
- 3 birds per run
- Each bird must be pointed for at least 3 seconds (for Pointers)
- The dog must retrieve back to hand or within 3 feet of the hunter (10 points)
- Each bagged bird gets 20 points
- Each trapped bird is minus 10 points
- 6 shells allowed, each unused shell earns 10 points
- Each minute unused earns 2 points
Fletcher found the 3 birds in 5 mns 5 seconds, all other dogs in the pointer category spent all 20 minutes for their search.

Marcel Trincale with his young bitch (7 month old) Hondo's Bella alias Mayapedigree also took part in the "Hunter" category, she found 2 birds and had a good ranking.