Braque du Bourbonnais

NBDCA, Chino, 26th of June 2010

Version Française

As usual we don’t rest out West, the weather is always good and the dogs beautiful (Sorry Jimmy Buffet).
First let me start with the BIG announcement; we have our 2nd BDC filed Trial Champion: Hondo’s Bella alias Mayapedigree owned and trained by Marcel Trincale. I am personally very proud that Marcel has stuck to the training regiment and attending as many tournament as a busy business man’s schedule allowed.
Maya earned several points at the BDC Western Nationals in Lovelock Nevada, taking third place in the Amateur Division. Maya followed that in the first half of this year with placement in smaller tournament for a total of 21 championship points, 20 points are needed to earn the title of Champion in BDC.
Please join me in congratulating Cactus Country Kennels, Hondo, Marcel and especially Maya for such a great performance.

Other Braques in the news...
On Saturday June 26th, 2010 in Chino California a Major BDC tournament was held by "So. Cal. Tournament Hunters". This new club is dedicated to the sport of tournament hunting and promotes fairness, good scorekeeping, safety for dogs and humans and opening up the sport to all hunters. Primarily we will schedule BDC and NAGDA tournaments.
Twenty two dogs entered this BDC tournament, included 6 champions from Nevada and California: 1 German Shorthair Pointer1 German Wirehair Pointer, 1 English Setter, 1 English Pointer and 2 Bourbonnais (Fletcher & Maya). So this was not an easy tournament.
I want to thank Larry Bassom for giving his time to be a judge in our tournament and BJ for waiting so patiently. THANK YOU.

The Bourbonnnais: Mayapedigree, Codypedigree, BJpedigree and Fletcherpedigree. BJ did very well scoring a strong 141 points, next was Cody with 125 in a very difficult field and Maya brought up the rear having had a bad run. What about Fletcher you ask? Well read on…

After the preliminaries only 3 of the 6 Champions made it to the 8 dogs moving to the finals. Fletcher was amongst those. His preliminary run was clean (3 birds, 3 shots, 3 full retrieves) in 7’50”. 14 dogs were eliminated.
The Finals were hotly contested in a fast field with great dogs and handlers. The Champion GSP was first on the field and had some left over birds in the front of the field and got the first bird in less than 30 seconds. This was followed by a Safety call and a third bird in the middle of the field for an lightening fast 3’10” run.

The next few runs were not as fast but well within the 15 minutes allowed to find the 3 birds.
Then running 4th it was Fletcher’s turn. The weather was hot (82 degrees Farenheit) the wind was out of the West at about 6 MPH. I dunked Fletcher in the water tub next to the Blind to get him cool before we started. We started and got our first bird toward the middle of the field in a little over 1 minute. Fletcher was running strong and loving it. Second bird shortly after and the third bird in the back of the field. We stopped the clock at 4’03” with a clean run, 3 birds 3 shots 3 full retrieves.

This score held and Fletcher took 2nd place in this Major BDC tournament. Onne of our Sponsor (Canidae dog food) took a video of some of the runs including Fletcher’s I’ll post it if I can get my hands on a copy.

Up with the Braque du Bourbonnais!!!