Braque du Bourbonnais

NAGDA Field Trial, Tehachapi (California), 20th of January 2013

Enslish Version

Last Saturday we took part in a NAGDA Field trial in Tehachapi, California, organised by the High River Hunting Club.
We brought three BdB, Hondo’s Bella pedigree, Cody du Pech du Cayrol pedigree and Rufnit Fletcher pedigree.
It was a small Field trial, only eight pointing dogs in the Single and one team for the Double (Maya and Fletcher).
So without opponent Maya and Fletcher took the first place, they found their six birds with greatr style, Fletcher backing on Maya’s points. The audience was impressed by those two BdB. Note that Maya had hurt his right leg one hour before running. It was bleeding a lot.After one hour she was walking well and it was not bleeding anymore so we could do the Field trial.
Cody was the only BdB in the Single and she took the second place.She found all the birds (4) fast et did good retrievals. Of course Cody earned a little bit of money which will be used to buy a new bed like Fletcher. Cody is qualified for the NAGDA Nationals in Colorado in April.