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NAGDA Field Trial, Guns and Rooster hunting preserve (California), 9th of December 2012

Enslish Version

This weekend we were at the Guns And Roosters club in Porterville, California.
This organization has rules very similar to the BDC ones except for the double Field trials.
Instead of having a dog with two hunters, there are two dogs with two hunters, teaming to find 6 birds in 20 minutes.
Fletcher pedigree and Maya pedigree did well but a bird has been missed and they ended up 5th. Fletcher also teamed with a friend from Nevada qui who came to qualify.
Red, and Englsih pointer and Fletcher found their six birds and the hunters didn’t miss. They took the 3rd place.
So for Fletcher it’s been 4 tournaments one after the other, where he ranked in the top. And he goes on. Fletcher is qualified for the NAGDA Natinal Field Trial Singles and Doubles.