Braque du Bourbonnais

Junkkari, dog show and Field trial (Finland), 25 and 26th of September 2010

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The Junkkari is an event for dogs until 24 monthes old, with a dog show and a Field trial. This year, 281 dogs were present, 7 braques du Bourbonnais among them.

Expostion: (judge: Raimo Louhio)

-1st Excellent (COM), best of breed: Karamain Remus (owner Plathan, breeder Plathan) pedigree

-Excellent (COM): Canine Cáhcu (owner Tammivuori, breeder Tammivuori) pedigree

-Excellent (COM): Canine Cohkidálvi (owner Lippo, breeder Tammivuori) pedigree

-Good (COM): Karamain Romulus (owner Nykänen, breeder Plathan) pedigree

-1st Excellent (COF), meilleure femelle: Karamain Rhea Silvia (owner Bastman, breeder Plathan) pedigree

-Excellent (COF): Karamain Rara Avis (owner Jäppinen, breeder Plathan) pedigree

-Excellent (COF): Canine Cuvccas (owner Rasinpää, breeder Tammivuori) pedigree

Field trial: (judge: Kari Nieminen)

Karamain Remus obtained a I Prize, alltogether ranking 5th among 281 dogs (22 dogs obtained a I Prize).