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Fréjus dog show, 16th of April 2006

Version française

Here is a small summary of the Fréjus dog show which took place on the 16th of avril 2006, judged by Michel Comte.

Before the show, owners arrive, one after another (on 31 registered dog, 23 were present):

M. Tinti M. Negro M. Versaveau M. Regis M. Busson M. Graoudi M. Sanchez M. Gardet M. Morin M. Humeau Mme Byttebier M. Dunan, pere et fils

Open Class males:

1er Exc CACS: Virus du Fief d'Epsom (pedigree)
2eme Exc RCAC: Roulio du Rocher des Jastres (pedigree)
3eme Exc: Tenor (pedigree)
Exc: Pires (pedigree)
Exc: Ralph (pedigree)
Exc: Rip du Rocher des Jastres (pedigree)
Exc: Sim Puech des Mus (pedigree)
Exc: Toby dou Coudounie (pedigree)
TB: Titus dou Coudounie (pedigree)
TB: Vidocq (pedigree)
TB: Virus Puech des Mus (pedigree)
Absent: Twist Puech des Mus (pedigree)
Absent: Vulcain du Fief d'Epsom (pedigree)

Open Class females:

1er Exc CACS: Style Puech des Mus alias Sayane (pedigree)
2eme Exc RCACS: Vae Soli du Fief d'Epsom (pedigree)
3eme Exc: Tara (pedigree)
Exc: Tequilla alias Tessy (pedigree)
TB: Sea Puech des Mus (pedigree)
TB: Syrah dou Coudounie (pedigree)
TB: Thalie (pedigree)
TB: Tila dou Coudounie (pedigree)
Absent: Onyx des Demoiselles de Ferriere (pedigree)
Absent: Prune du Rocher des Jastres alias Plume (pedigree)
Absent: Tania des Plaines de la Forterre (pedigree)
Absent: Vrika du Rocher des Jastres (pedigree)

Working Class males:

1er Exc: Patch (pedigree)

Veteran Class males:

1er Exc: Julius de la croix Saint Loup (pedigree)
Absent: Huc du Pontelle de Maicou (pedigree)
Absent: Jabadao (pedigree)

Veteran Class females:

1er Exc: Lena du Rocher des Jastres (pedigree)
Absent: Laine alias Lara (pedigree)

We need yet a from signature monsieur le juge on the CAC/RCAC boards, and we will be able to have a drink...

Thank you to Monique Comte, who did the following lunch. Alas, we didn't take the cameras, there is then no trace of this happy moment.

Michel Comte (judge) Michael Comte (ring secretary)