Braque du Bourbonnais

Open Field trial, Le Muy, 6 and 7th of December 2008

Version française

It has been several year that we waited for the return of Bourbonnais in open Field trials, which put in competition all the pointing dog breed. I have asked my father to present Vrac du Rocher des Jastres pedigree during the two days of the autumn open Field trial of Le Muy, the 6th and 7th of December 2008. The first day, the judge was Mr. Jean-Pierre Cadeau, Vrac found two pheasants.
To have the dog quiet during flush and shot, the handler had to make a little sign with the hand, so he couldn't obtain the "Excellent" grade. Nevertheless, he is ranked as "Très Bon", which enables him to be on of the 12 best among 95 dog presented.

The second day, the judge was Mr. Claude Hugueny, and several people had came to see the run, because it had been a long time they never saw a Bourbonnais ranked.
After an energetic search in bushes, the dog smelt a pheasant walking, he shows it well, get up the scent with a "sabre cut coulé" ending up blocking it, he is quiet at flush and shot, retrieves very quickly at the judge demand. But one of the peoples watching had a beard (like the handler), he had come near the handler and the dog first wanted to give him the bird, then realizing its mistake and finding the handler.

The run deserved an "Excellent" but it is a fact the driver still made a little sign with the hand which penalized the dog, so this is another "Très Bon", which enables him to be on of the 21 best among 95 dog presented during this second day.

Thanks to Michel Comte for those two rankings, it is a nice Christmas gift to the breed and me.
The photos were made by France Beridot and Franck Prado, we thank them for their kindness. And especially thank you to Vrac who shows that he not only a beautiful dog, but also a good working dog.