Braque du Bourbonnais

Open Field Trial, Corcelles/Payerne (Switzerland), 28th of August 2010

Version française

In the open Field Trial (all breeds) of Corcelles/Payerne (Switzerland), Dias du Pontelle de Maicou pedigree obtained the Excellent ranking (Judge ROGGER Andréas). The CAC was not given only because Dias did two backcast bends in the last minute, surprised by some larks, appart from that, the judge has noticed the brio of this young dog of 22 month and he said that among all the dogs of the contest Dias would have deserved to go into the final round against a German Shorthaired Pointer, he was simply excellent with a pheasant very difficult to handle anb an exemplary steadiness without any help from his handler. A youth mistake. Bravo to Dias and to his master, Andrey Gérard, who obtain the first Field Trial ranking for a Bourbonnais en Switzerland.