Braque du Bourbonnais

Quail Unlimited, Chino, 13th of October 2012

Version Française

On October 13th 2012 Quails Unlimited Riverside California Chapter held their Fall Challenge.
The Challenge is an invitation to all breeds, pointing and Flushing to run in a field trial just before the opening of the Callifornia Hunting season and show that theirs dogs are ready to hunt and of course "braguing right".
The scenting conditions were difficult, the air was dry, hot and there was no breeze most of the day. After a long day of competition the last dog that ran had a good breeze, scenting condition improved and he won the tournament.
However, Cody du Pech de Cayrolpedigree had an excellent run and finished third overall with a clean three bird run.

Rufnit Fletcherpedigree took 2nd overall with a difficult third bird.
I had to call safety on this third bird to avoid shooting the Judge (a good thing) but under the rules of this field trial you cannot get a score for the third and last bird on a Safety, you must bag a third bird. So I had to release Fletcher, have him re-establish point, point, flush, shoot and retreive. Fortunately that did not take long as the bird had only flown about 50 yards. All is well that end well. The bourbonnais continue to dominate at the QU Challenges.
If you recall Cody had taken 1st in the Spring QU Field trial and Fletcher 2nd in the Spring QU Water retreive challenge.