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NBDCA, Super Major Big Meadows, Lovelock, 10-11-12th February 2012

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The 10, 11 and 12th of February 2012 we went to Nevada to participate to 3 days of Field trials. The village of Lovelock is located about 150 kms east of Reno, Nevada. The Fields were in the Running W Ranch, south of the village.
This Field Trial is one amoing 6 Super Major in the USA. Rufnit Fletcher pedigree took the 4th place in double (1 dog, 2 hunters). Pointing and retrieving 6 chukars in 14 minutes. One of the retrieval was done from very far away (150-200 meters).
With this ranking Fletcher won 18 more points in the championship and became 3 times champion of the Bird Dog Circuit (
The other hunter in our team (Johnny) hand never hunt with a BdB but is a really good hunter and trailer. He liked very much hunting with Fletcher and we will team again in April if we go back to the Nevada for the beginning of April Field Trial in Fallon, Nevada.
There were 12 dogs in final. Among those 12 dogs, 7 were from Bing-Bryan team, 3 were from Boomer-Ralph team, 1 from Tim-Partners team and Fletcher from Claude-Johnny team. The other dogs (20 all together) were not qualified for the final.
Claude Trincale.