Braque du Bourbonnais

NBDCA, Four Winds Pheasant Club, 18th of February 2012

Enslish Version

The 18th of February 2012, northe of the small town of Nuevo in California, in the Four Winds Pheasant Club preserve, a small Field trial took place. The birds were pheasants for the preliminaries and Chukar (perdreaux) for the finals. The finals took place only for the Top Gun Divisions.
In the preliminaries of the Top Gun pointing dogs (professional division) Cody du Pech du Cayrol pedigree took the 2nd place and Rufnit Fletcher pedigree the 1st. Both of them were of course qualified for the finals.
In the finals for the same Field trial, Cody du Pech du Cayrol took the first place and Fletcher took the 2nd.
So the BdB won.